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Parliamentarians from the Americas promoting social justice for all.


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IAPG Member Groups

Parliamentary Network

The IAPG’s work is enriched by the participation and involvement of parliamentarians from the Inter-American Region. The IAPG seeks to promote the study and analysis among parliamentarians in the region of problems linked to population and development in order to create an atmosphere favorable to the exchange of legislative experiences at the national, regional and international levels.

The IAPG seeks to encourage the creation of national work groups of parliamentarians in each of the countries in the Americas. To become a member of the IAPG, parliamentarians must share the IAPG’s vision and support the Program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, and the Millennium Development Goals. Members of the IAPG network first join a parliamentarian group on population and development in their country. Each parliamentary group is a national group of three (3) or more parliamentarians that:

  • Is representative of its corresponding national parliament (government or opposition party) or of any similar type of legislative body;
  • Represents a country in North America, Central America, South America or the Caribbean; - Has a clearly defined mission;
  • Holds at least two (2) regular meetings during the year;
  • Has a coordinator and a local secretariat.

Our member groups

Parliamentary Group – Argentina

Parliamentary Group – Bolivia

Parliamentary Group – Brazil

Parliamentary Group – Canada

Parliamentary Group – Chile

Parliamentary Group – Colombia

Parliamentary Group – Costa Rica

Parliamentary Group – Ecuador

Parliamentary Group – Honduras

Parliamentary Group – Nicaragua

Parliamentary Group – Paraguay

Parliamentary Group – Peru

Parliamentary Group – El Salvador 

Parliamentary Group – Venezuela